Investor Due Diligence

Prospect serves on the technical panel for leading UK banking institutions. Our technical experts provide due diligence advice and assistance to banks and funds seeking to lend to or invest in infrastructure and energy projects around the UK covering –

  • The preparation of technical feasibility studies, or commenting on the accuracy of existing studies provided to the bank or fund
  • Analysis of Returns on Investment
  • The quality of supplier and installer companies
  • The reliability of warranties and guarantees offered by both the installers and the equipment manufacturers
  • Service and maintenance arrangements
  • The scope of planning permissions including whether the project complies with any restrictions imposed via
    • planning conditions
    • reserved matters, and
    • section 106 agreements
  • Licensing arrangements with statutory organisations such as the Environment Agency
  • Discussions with third parties including resident and community groups, and
  • The scope of project insurance cover

For more information please contact Rupert Cowen on 020 7947 5354 or by email on: