Nuclear Energy

Prospect’s technical experts have a deep knowledge and understanding of the nuclear sector derived from many decades of combined experience

The technical advisory work we provide to clients is closely coordinated with advice from our specialist nuclear lawyers. Our nuclear team brings together expertise in all aspects of new nuclear build, decommissioning and waste management. Our lawyers are members of the Nuclear Industry Association, the International Nuclear Law Association and the Nuclear Institute, and serve on a number of their specialist committees. Our technical advisors are well respected internationally and work as experts with the IAEA and European Commission. Prospect is a signatory to the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority’s (NDA) Supply Chain Charter.

Prospect has extensive experience of advising the nuclear industry at an international level. Our team members have advised the UK government, EU Governments through EU assistance schemes, Middle Eastern Governments, and commercial developers in Poland, Italy and the Czech Republic. In particular, we provide advice to Governments that are newcomers to the nuclear power sector on how to design their programme so that it meets international safety standards and is fully bankable.

Our team has participated in and facilitated many international meetings, including the workshops organised by the International Framework for Nuclear Energy Co-operation (IFNEC) advising newcomer countries on financing new nuclear build.

We are currently working with members of the World Nuclear Association, the Construction Industry Research and Information Association (CIRIA), the United Kingdom Environmental Law Association (UKELA), and the Office for Nuclear Regulation as well as a number of governments and regulators around the World.

Advice and Support

We provide our clients with technical support in the following areas:

Nuclear Energy Projects

  • Planning & Environmental Law;
  • Feasibility studies for new energy installations;
  • How to address regulatory risk in the nuclear sector and how to use regulatory frameworks to achieve commercial goals; and
  • Insurance and state indemnity requirements.

Advice to newcomer countries

  • Infrastructure development, commercial and regulatory issues, and drafting legislation to comply with international (e.g. IAEA) standards etc;
  • Nuclear economics;
  • Investor due diligence advice and assistance to banks and funds seeking to lend to or invest in energy projects.

Contracting & Procurement

  • Management and Operations (M&O) type contracts such as those between the NDA and its Site License Companies and the overseas equivalents;
  • Sub-contracting requirements contained in M&O contracts, including procurement, intellectual property issues and protection from third party nuclear liability;
  • Dispute Resolution where we have international expertise covering investor relations, contractual disputes, and fraud and regulatory issues. The team has strong experience in jurisdictional issues arising from international regulation and is well-placed to manage complex multi-jurisdictional commercial deals and the international legal position.
  • UK Health and Safety and nuclear site licensing, including achieving and retaining Suitably Qualified and Experienced Persons (SQEP) status.
  • International transport of nuclear waste and materials.
  • Nuclear security and CBRN counterterrorism.

Enforcement Activities and Investigations

We offer a discreet and effective service for corporate and individual clients facing investigation by nuclear regulatory bodies. This includes advice in partnership with our international experts on the implementation of new procedures and operational training programs.

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