Nuclear Energy

Prospect’s nuclear specialist legal team are members of the International Nuclear Law Association and The Nuclear Institute (Management Committees). Our legal work is complemented by advice and assistance provided by a world class team of non lawyer experts from across a number of technical and regulatory disciplines


We are currently working with the Nuclear Industry Association, the World Nuclear Association, CIRIA and UKELA.

Our lawyers have recently been commended by the United States Department of the Environment for work in facilitating discussions at intergovernmental talks on financing nuclear new builds.

International Governmental Issues

Prospect has extensive experience of advising the nuclear industry at an international level. Our team has advised the UK government, overseas governments through the EU assistance schemes and commercial developers in Poland, Italy and Czechoslovakia, on operational, commercial and environmental nuclear issues and has worked on the drafting of legislation for states that are new to nuclear power and are seeking to meet the requirements laid down by international nuclear regulators.

Areas of advice that we offer extend beyond the purely legal, and include advice on nuclear economics, nuclear security and CBRN counterterrorism, and the interface between information that can and should be disclosed in consultation and that which could prejudice security aspects and should be kept secret.

Nuclear Regulatory and Corporate Governance Advice

Prospect has internationally acknowledged expertise in the regulatory issues surrounding the transportation of radioactive substances and their storage and safe treatment. This includes in-depth knowledge of the global patchwork of treaties covering the movement restrictions and liability for radioactive goods as they cross borders.

We advise companies on how to retain and achieve the status of “fit and proper persons” to manage nuclear installations, and the duties of Directors and Suitably Qualified and Experienced Employees (SQEP).

We also work with implementation experts from the nuclear industry so that legal and regulatory recommendations are, where necessary, supplemented by advice on organizational and implementation issues, including nuclear plant Health and Safety training.

Development and Commercial Activities

The team has strong experience in jurisdictional issues arising from international regulation and is well-placed to manage complex multi-jurisdictional commercial deals and the international legal position in terms of contracting and procurement.

Prospect’s particular specialization in advising clients on how to address regulatory risk in the nuclear sector and how to use regulatory frameworks in order to achieve commercial goals is essential for clients wanting to pursue commercial activity in the nuclear sector.

In addition we bring a practical understanding of insurance and state indemnity requirements.

Enforcement Activities and Investigations

We offer a discreet and effective service for corporate and individual clients facing investigation by agencies including the Nuclear Directorate. This includes advice in partnership with our international experts on the implementation of new procedures and operational training programs.

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