Property Law

Prospect provides expert legal advice on property issues affecting the development of infrastructure, energy and natural resources projects on behalf of developers, landowners and financial institutions including:

  • Preliminary advice for owners and operators on property law issues to be considered before opening negotiations
  • Leases of land for development projects
  • Purchase of sites for development projects
  • Conditional contracts and options including advice on appropriate planning conditions in a conditional contract
  • Investigation of owner’s title by way of due diligence including drafting and negotiation of Certificates of Title
  • Funding arrangements via debt secured on real estate assets including drafting and negotiation of Direct Agreements
  • Disposal of all or part of the project to investors using property law structures
  • Easements and wayleaves for the installation of connection and ancillary infrastructure
  • Dealing with lease issues following completion, including payment of SDLT and registration at the Land Registry, assignments, sub-lettings and licenses

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