Maritime, Insurance and International Trade

  • Dry shipping including: charterparties; bills of lading; letters of credit; bank guarantees and undertakings; and other shipping and banking documents.
  • Admiralty including: collisions; salvage; general average; towage; wreck removal; pilotage, and limitation.
  • Sale and purchase of ships and other vessels including: buying; selling, and scrapping.
  • Ship and offshore construction.
  • Marine and non-marine insurance and reinsurance.
  • Trade and international sale of goods.
  • Public international law aspects of shipping including: territorial disputes; embargoes and maritime blockades; marine pollution and environmental disasters; international safety regulations; and piracy, hijacking and other international crimes on the high seas.
  • Dispute resolution, including litigation, arbitration and mediation.
  • Drafting contractual documents for shipping and trading ventures.

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