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Advanced Nuclear Technologies and SMR Designs: Key considerations for organisations investing in energy

Developments in Advanced Nuclear Technologies (ANTs), and particularly in small modular reactor (SMR) design, are frequently defined as “game changing”.

Understanding quite how those “changes”

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Advanced Nuclear Technologies and SMR Designs: What are the key stages on the journey to their commercial deployment?

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Developments in advanced nuclear technologies (ANTs), and particularly in small modular reactor (SMR) design are transforming the role that nuclear energy will

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A Green Recovery: Webinar on a Response to Covid-19 That Addresses the Climate Crisis

This morning we hosted a webinar that considered the rapidly emerging political consensus – amongst international bodies, national and sub-national governments, business, NGOs and academia – that the response to both the Covid-19 pandemic and the climate crisis should take

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Prospect Law to Host Webinar on Covid-19 & Employment Law

We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting an Employment Law webinar addressing how businesses can get back on track and re-adjust post Covid-19.

This webinar will consider how businesses can cope with getting employees back to work

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