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Proposed Regulation Changes: What’s Next for Anti-Monopoly Law?

The State Administration of Market Regulation (SAMR) has proposed extensive changes to the Anti-Monopoly Law (AMA), including revisions to regulations on the prohibition of monopoly
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Towards A Stronger Competition Law New Developments In The Anti-Monopoly Law In The People’s Republic Of China

2022 AMA Amendment: What Has Changed in Competition Law?

China’s Anti-Monopoly Law has been subject to new developments in a move towards stronger competition law. However, the law is still relatively new and has some ambiguous provisions that make it

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Market Access to China’s Legal Services: Possibilities for Foreign Law Firms Under China’s Regulatory Scheme

Can a foreign law firm provide advisory and representation services on domestic law in China? What level of market access do foreign law firms have there and how do foreign law firms offer legal services in China? Our International Trade
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