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Delta Air Lines Accused of Greenwashing Over Its Carbon Neutrality Claims

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Delta Air Lines in a California court. The lawsuit is over the airline’s claims of greenwashing by

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Sustainability and Clean Energy: Government Regulations and Incentives

Discover the latest developments in government regulations and incentives driving sustainability and clean energy. This insightful article explores the proactive measures taken by the EU Parliament and the Biden-Harris administration to empower consumers and advance renewable energy.
Governments continue to
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Environmental Law Updates: UK & US Regulatory Developments

There has been plenty of environment and climate news hitting the headlines in the last few weeks. Our Environmental law specialist William Wilson shares some of the important changes to have been announced in the U.K and U.S affecting businesses,
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How central banks are assessing the resiliency of financial institutions to various climate scenarios

In recent months, there has been an increase in regulatory requirements and standards which larger companies are mandated to follow, across all three pillars of ESG. The impact of climate change on banks and insurance companies has been the primary
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What can we expect from climate finance heading into COP27?

With the 27th UN Climate Change Conference, or COP27 as its more commonly referred to, taking place from the 6- 18 November in Egypt, the importance of one of the Paris Agreement’s central proposals, climate finance, becomes even more

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What was achieved at COP27?

On the 20th November, the 27th annual United Nations Climate Change (UNCC) Conference, or more notably referred to as COP27, came to an end as negotiations settled following a fortnight of discussions and events attended by 92 heads of state

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