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Corporate Governance: Recent Developments and Implications for Businesses

January 2024 has shone a spotlight on corporate governance; two separate and unrelated events took place.

On 1 January, ITV aired the first episode of

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P&O Ferries: A case study for responsible leadership

Increasingly, what defines a company is not corporate success or the awards emblazoned at the end of emails, but corporate responsibility: doing what’s right, even when you don’t want to, or don’t have to. In the case of P&O Ferries,
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UK’s Financial Conduct Authority Faces Legal Action

Climate Risk and more generally ESG-related legal challenges have greatly increased in recent years.

Recently, ClientEarth have filed a case with the High Court in London against the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (The FCA) over their approval of Ithaca Energy

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Six Good Reasons to Avoid Greenwashing ESG Financial Products

“ ‘Greenwashing’ is when misleading or unsubstantiated claims about environmental performance are made by businesses or investment funds about their products or activities. It’s import to avoid greenwashing or else this can lead to the wrong products being bought –

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ESG Reporting: Getting it right first time

In our regular column for Wind Energy Network, we focus on ESG and why it is now important for businesses to show they are compliant.

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