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Data Compliance: Challenges to foreign companies doing business in, and relating to China

Data protection compliance is complex. Even more so if your organisation is doing business in or relating to China. Our international trade specialist Eric Jiang
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40 Years of Data Privacy in the UK. What’s Next?

Challenged and revised through developments in modern online communications, our data privacy rights are continually evolving. What events moulded our current policies, and what can we anticipate in the years ahead?

How did we get to where we are now

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Data Privacy Regulation: Looking to 2025 and Beyond

The second part in his overview of data privacy then and now, our Data Privacy and Intellectual Property specialist, David McIntosh looks at what is happening now in the UK, US and globally, and what we can see happening in

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Intellectual Property in the UK: A Brief Overview

The main purpose of intellectual property law is to encourage innovation and creativity through the creation of a wide variety of goods and assets that are the result of what the World Intellectual Property Organisation, commonly known as WIPO, describes
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