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Energy Highlights Q4’23: Oil, Geo-political Developments and Electricity

Our Energy Economist, Dominic Whittome shares his Energy Highlights Report on oil, natural gas and electricity prices at the start of 2023. Delving into the

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Wholesale Energy Prices – December Bullet

Very sharp recent price increases have prompted this update from our economist, Dominic Whittome. Prices are up another 30% this month. The financial impact on commercial and industrial buyers will be serious if such price levels are sustained for much
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On the Road to An EV: Test Drives

Rory Tait test drives his top three electric vehicles and shares his views.
As part of my journey to buying an electric vehicle, I have now undertaken some test drives of a few of the EVs which interest me, to
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EV Charging – What Are My Options?

Head of Renewables, Rory Tait writes the second instalment in his journey to buying an electric vehicle.

I have failed dismally in my quest to whittle down the number of EVs which have attracted me most (largely as a result … Read more

Bigger Bills Will Drive Battery Investments Behind the Meter

Rising non-commodity costs and resilience concerns make batteries more attractive for big users.

Increased Charges

Energy is pure expenditure. There is no investment or “hidden benefit” to be had, and even for companies that can damp down usage, there are

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