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Why reviewing your company policies can improve your business

How does a business sustain success and consistency? What impact can poor policies and bad reputation have on a company’s bottom line? With ESG values
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P&O Ferries: A case study for responsible leadership

Increasingly, what defines a company is not corporate success or the awards emblazoned at the end of emails, but corporate responsibility: doing what’s right, even when you don’t want to, or don’t have to. In the case of P&O Ferries,
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Employment Law: news and regulatory changes affecting your workplace

Our employment law specialist Philippa Wood comments on some of the recent adjustments to UK workplace regulation affecting employer and worker’s rights.

June 2022

Post Covid19 workplace strategy continues:

Although the workplace rules were relaxed in April 2022, mandatory guidance

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Why updating your diversity, equity and inclusion policies can improve your ESG credentials

A modern workplace stands out for protecting its employees using respectful policies and processes which reflect the organisation’s position on diversity, equity and inclusion. Our employment law specialist Philippa Wood highlights why revising your organisation’s DEI policies can transform business
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The case of a self-employed construction contractor who counted as an employee: Paving the way for more employment status reappraisals?

Judgment was given in August for this case relating to employment law in the construction sector, but published in November 2022. On appeal, it was found that a self-employed contractor who was paid via HMRC’s Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) counted

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Prospect Law to Host Webinar on Covid-19 & Employment Law

We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting an Employment Law webinar addressing how businesses can get back on track and re-adjust post Covid-19.

This webinar will consider how businesses can cope with getting employees back to work

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