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Corporate Governance: Recent Developments and Implications for Businesses

January 2024 has shone a spotlight on corporate governance; two separate and unrelated events took place.

On 1 January, ITV aired the first episode of

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Energy Highlights Q4’23:US-UK Energy Trade Agreement

Our Energy Economist, Dominic Whittome where he dissects the complexities of the US-UK Energy Trade Agreement and its implications. Delve into the intricacies of balance of payments affected by energy imports and unravel the challenges and trends in the realm
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Energy Highlights Q4’23: Petrodollar Risk, Gas Prices, and Russia’s Gas Export

Our Energy Economist, Dominic Whittome continues the exploration in the second installment of our Energy Highlights Report for 2023. Uncover the risks associated with the petrodollar, analyze the trends shaping gas prices, and scrutinize Russia's significant role in the global
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Understanding ESG Initiatives and Reporting Frameworks

The ESG landscape has become increasingly vast and complex. There are now a great number of initiatives and reporting frameworks, which have made it exceedingly difficult to navigate the landscape. How and where to start if you are disclosing for
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Wholesale Energy Highlights: January 2023

Our Energy Economist, Dominic Whittome shares his Energy Highlights Report on oil, natural gas and electricity prices at the start of 2023.


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Thinking of Going Nuclear? Small Modular Reactors Explored

Before deciding whether to pursue the nuclear energy option for energy generation, one of the major decisions a country would need to consider is the choice of reactor. Our nuclear specialist John Mathieson runs through the key benefits of SMR
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