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The New Trend of Green-hushing

Companies are increasingly choosing not to publicise their climate targets, in order to avoid scrutiny and allegations of greenwashing.

A survey of 1200 companies in

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Sustainability and Clean Energy: Government Regulations and Incentives

Discover the latest developments in government regulations and incentives driving sustainability and clean energy. This insightful article explores the proactive measures taken by the EU Parliament and the Biden-Harris administration to empower consumers and advance renewable energy.
Governments continue to
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Environmental Law Updates: UK & US Regulatory Developments

There has been plenty of environment and climate news hitting the headlines in the last few weeks. Our Environmental law specialist William Wilson shares some of the important changes to have been announced in the U.K and U.S affecting businesses,
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7 ways organisations can improve their sustainability credentials

Sustainable business is good business. And many organisations recognise the benefits of doing business in a fair and environmentally conscious way. Others have benefitted from this trend in their communications, without, for the most part, needing to substantiate their claims.
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