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Insurance and Risk Training Courses

The number of high-profile insurance disputes in the aftermath of COVID-19 has highlighted several longstanding and fundamental issues that affect many businesses.

The wording of

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An Alternative Risk Insurance Model for the Maritime Sector

Navigating the intricate domain of risk management within the maritime sector necessitates exploring unconventional insurance models. In particular, the concept of Protected Cell Captive companies (PCCs) presents a compelling alternative to traditional mutual protection and indemnity insurance (P&I insurance). This

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Coronavirus: The Interaction Between a Pandemic and Insurance Coverage, Part III

I said whatever it takes – and I meant it”. These memorable words from our Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, were made earlier this week as he unveiled his ‘unprecedented’ financial rescue package for the economy in response to the rapidly

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Coronavirus: The Interaction Between a Pandemic and Insurance Coverage

Each day bringsfurther grim news of the spread of coronavirus in China and elsewhere; todaymentions of the virus have moved well beyond being the subject of internetjokes about Mexican beer now that Chinese deaths alone from the virus are around2,200

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COVID-19 and Insurance Coverage: Pandemic Impact, Part II

There’s a lot of panic at that moment that’s notwarranted. Short-term economic activity will contract and it will have animpact on global GDP, but it’s not like the world will end tomorrow.” These werethe words of global insurer

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