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Prospect Law Successfully Defends Planning Permission for Derby Waste Incinerator

In R (Hill) v Derby City Council, Mr Justice Supperstone considered a claim by a local resident that sought to quash the decision of Derby

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Examples of the Curse of Resources at Work

Nigeria and Egypt are two good examples of countries suffering from the effects of the Curse of Resources.

The Curse of Resources in action – Nigeria

Since Nigeria achieved independence in 1960 it has experienced a civil war resulting in

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What is Dutch Disease/the Curse of Resources?

Some years ago I was asked by a client from the oil and gas industry to produce a risk assessment, and security plan for some of its operations in Eastern Europe. A particular focus of attention was an oil-field the

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Mitigating the Effects of the Curse of Resources: Csr Strategy

In my last blog I looked at some of the security consequences of the Curse of Resources; using the specific examples of Nigeria and Egypt.

In this blog I will look at some of the social consequences of the Curse

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Tipping the Scales: Legal Injunctions to Stop Fly-Tipping

Fly-tipping on farm land has been on the increase in recent years. It’s not just an irritating nuisance; fly-tipping can be very costly to deal with; it can pose a threat to humans, livestock and the environment; it can damage

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Fighting the Effects of the Curse of Resources

In order to mitigate the security risks to my client in the Balkans I recommended that strenuous attempts were made to restore the company’s Social License to Operate by tackling the root causes of the problem: the negative effects of

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