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Types of Mutual Structures

There are a variety of different risk transfer and types of Mutual Structures available for deployment. The commonality between them is that they are owned

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Mutual Benefits: Nexus Mutual Collaborates with The Retail Mutual

Discover the mutual benefits of collaboration as members pool their requirements and work collaboratively in a mutual or co-operative. While these entities typically operate independently, the synergy created fosters mutual benefits for all involved.

We have seen participants in this

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The Influence of Technology on Decentralisation, Mutuals and Co-operatives

As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, it introduces revolutionary platforms that foster direct connections between individuals and communities, transforming various industries, including the risk transfer (insurance) sector, and revitalising the mutuals and co-operatives landscape.

Disrupting the Traditional

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Exploring the Power of Discretionary Mutuals for Large UK Corporates

Discover how Discretionary Mutuals For Large UK Corporates can produce a competitive edge in risk management and maximise cost and coverage advantages. Dive into this insightful article to learn why Discretionary Mutuals, as an alternative to insurance captives, offer onshore

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Discretionary Mutuals Retention – Rationale and Advantages of Retaining the Primary Layer of Risk

As a follow-up to our introductory paper on Discretionary Mutuals, Our Head of Risk Transfer and Mitigation, David Gudopp, digs a little deeper into the rationale and advantages of retaining the primary layer of risk in a Discretionary Mutuals

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The advantages of a discretionary mutual

In terms of risk transfer options, there are different types of mutual structures and membership options. A discretionary mutual can be integrated into a risk transfer mix in various ways. Our Head of Risk Transfer and Mitigation, David Gudopp shares

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