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Advantages of Discretionary Mutuals Over Higher Excesses and Self-Insurance

Retaining and funding risk within a mutual framework presents several distinct advantages over opting for higher excesses on commercial insurance policies.

In this blog, we’ll

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Mutual Insurance Case Studies: Enhancing Business Stability

Discover the Benefits of Discretionary Mutuals for Your Business

Are you looking to achieve operational efficiency, financial stability, and sustainable growth in your business? Integrating a Discretionary Mutual into your risk management strategy can unlock significant

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Exploring the Benefits of Group Company Mutuals for Corporate Insurance

As outlined in this paper, integrating a Discretionary Mutual into the risk transfer arrangements of a group company has the potential to deliver significant cost and capital advantages, whilst also benefiting from a significantly more flexible regulatory environment than is

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Mutuals & Insurance: Risk Cover for Renewable Energy Operators

When it comes to risk cover, is a mutual what is needed to meet the concerns of renewable energy operators?

As climate change and extreme weather cause damage and destruction across the globe, renewable energy suppliers and operators of services

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Insurance Structures to Enhance Risk Management and Profitability

Could restructuring your approach to insurance provide more resources to support risk management and mitigation activities at no extra cost?

One tried and tested method of achieving this is to integrate a Discretionary Mutual into your company’s risk transfer arrangements.

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Types of Mutual Structures

There are a variety of different risk transfer and types of Mutual Structures available for deployment. The commonality between them is that they are owned and controlled by and for the benefit of their members, avoiding the inherent conflict of

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