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Advanced Nuclear Technologies and SMR Designs: Key considerations for organisations investing in energy

Developments in Advanced Nuclear Technologies (ANTs), and particularly in small modular reactor (SMR) design, are frequently defined as “game changing”.

Understanding quite how those “changes”

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The Disposal of Nuclear Waste

What’s so difficult about dealing with radioactive waste?

This article explores the Disposal of Nuclear Waste in more detail and explains why they may have been discounted in favour of geological disposal.

Last month we gave an introduction to the

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The Storage of Nuclear Waste

What’s so difficult about the Storage of Nuclear Waste?

The short answer is scientifically and technologically it is very well understood, but the societal aspects are seemingly intractable, particularly with respect to the higher activity, more hazardous wastes. Even in

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Nuclear Energy Training Courses

Prospect Law’s highly respected team of legal and technical experts advise organisations on the legal, financial, and technical aspects of decommissioning and other nuclear radioactive waste management projects.

Prospect is a signatory to the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority’s Supply Chain Charter

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International Nuclear Liabilities: The Changing Landscape

The global nuclear liabilities landscape is changing. The last 2 years have seen significant developments, with the Convention on Supplementary Compensation finally entering into force on 15 April 2015 and significant progress towards ratification of the 2004 Protocols to the … Read more