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Mutuals & Insurance: Risk Cover for Renewable Energy Operators

When it comes to risk cover, is a mutual what is needed to meet the concerns of renewable energy operators?

As climate change and extreme

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Insurance Structures to Enhance Risk Management and Profitability

Could restructuring your approach to insurance provide more resources to support risk management and mitigation activities at no extra cost?

One tried and tested method of achieving this is to integrate a Discretionary Mutual into your company’s risk transfer arrangements.

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What is a Group Company Mutual?

A group company mutual is a type of mutual which has been specifically designed to operate within a group company environment. It enables all of the benefits offered by a traditional multi-member discretionary mutual to be deployed within a group

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Group Company Discretionary Mutual over a Captive Insurance Company

Discover the pros and cons of a Group Company Discretionary Mutual versus a Captive Insurance Company in our latest blog. Explore key considerations for risk management and insurance strategies.

The table below aims to highlight the key differences between the

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Discretionary Mutuals Over Corporate Insurance

In the complex landscape of risk management, businesses often find themselves at a crossroads when considering insurance options. Two prominent choices emerge: discretionary mutuals and corporate insurance. Each avenue presents distinct advantages and disadvantages, necessitating a thorough understanding to make

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The Case for Post Office Mutualisation

In the aftermath of the Horizon scandal, fresh calls for change have emerged within the Post Office sector. Recent discussions between the government and the mutual and cooperative sector hint at a potential transition towards Mutualisation for the Post Office,

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