Prospect is pleased to announce the further development of its multi-disciplinary infrastructure practice through Chris Kaye joining the firm as an expert on the negotiation and management of multi-billion pound infrastructure projects, particularly in the nuclear sector. On behalf of the Department of Energy, Chris led the review of Hinkley Point C’s waste and decommissioning plans, providing advice to the Secretary of State on the approvability of the power station’s Funded Decommissioning Programme, and liaising with private and public sector advisory bodies.

Prospect remains the only regulated firm to offer combined legal and technical services to clients in the infrastructure sector and its position is further strengthened by the addition of Chris Kaye.

Chris has over 40 years experience in negotiating, managing, and assuring the performance of multi-billion pound strategically and technically complex contracts within Government and private sectors. From 2006 to 2016 and prior to joining Prospect Group, Chris was a function head of a major UK Non-Departmental Public Body, where he was responsible for assurance and oversight of the private sector nuclear operator’s decommissioning strategy, planning and costing where the Government has an interest in its funding and risks. This work was primarily directed at assuring the robustness of detailed plans for decommissioning the UK’s most modern nuclear power station fleet and associated spent fuel liabilities, with a total value of c. $25bn.

Chris has also led the assurance, on behalf of the UK’s Department of Energy, of all three of the UK’s new nuclear power plants’ decommissioning plans and cost estimates, in order to support the UK Government’s decision on whether or not to approve the operator’s liabilities funding arrangements for this first of a kind development. This included Hinkley Point C.

Outside the UK, Chris also led assurance reviews of Canadian, Swedish and Swiss nuclear facilities’ decommissioning plans on behalf of their respective governments and has provided consultancy advice to the Taiwanese and Chinese governments and private enterprises. Prior to 2006, Chris worked as an independent consultant on various technical assignments for major clients including the UK Atomic Energy Authority, Arthur D Little and the UK Government, significantly influencing the eventual decision to create the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA).

Chris also participated in reviews of private sector companies’ performance as part of the UK Business Excellence Award process utilising the European Foundation for Quality Management Business Excellence model. He has also worked in a variety of roles in the UK electricity supply industry. Initially covering waste management R&D and policy, for 12 years Chris led the negotiation and management of all contracts for the supply of uranium, new fuel, and spent fuel management services for the UK’s private sector nuclear fleet. Chris has also been a ‘high risk projects’ reviewer for the UK Cabinet Office Infrastructure and Projects Authority, participating in major government infrastructure projects in overseas construction, justice, immigration, rail franchise and national emergency planning. He is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply.

Prospect Law and Prospect Advisory provide a unique combination of legal and technical advisory services for clients involved in energy, infrastructure and natural resource projects in the UK and internationally.

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