The European Commission published a briefing on ‘no-deal Brexit planning’ on 19 July 2018, followed by sector briefings covering many different industries and areas, and emphasised the need for all organisations and businesses to be prepared for all outcomes when the UK leaves the EU on 29 March 2019.

The UK government is due to start publishing its own technical notices about preparations for a no-deal Brexit as part of its contingency planning, and the notices will start appearing between 23 August and the end of September 2018. Sources suggest that these notices will cover 83 or more different topics, many of them of critical importance to our clients, such as chemicals regulation, civil nuclear power, electricity trading, environmental standards, nuclear research, oil and gas, renewable electricity and so on.

Prospect Law Ltd is already advising on many aspects of Brexit and will be following these developments closely. Please continue to monitor our social media for additional updates.

For further information, advice on how these developments may affect your business or to be referred to a specialist member of the team who can help, please contact Edmund Robb on [email protected] or 07930 397 531 or Edward de la Billiere on [email protected] or 07824 506 022.

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