MARCH 2023

Our monthly overview of our work activity, recent instructions and firm news.


Prospect announces the publication of its pharma / biotech sector specific annual ESG Audit service.

Dispute Resolution and Litigation

Prospect advises on the settlement of a contractual dispute brought against a UK company by HMRC.


Representatives from 175 governments gathered for a four-day summit held by the International Working Group on Greenhouse Gas emissions of the International Maritime Organisation in London from March 20th to 24th.

Risk Mitigation and Risk Transfer

Prospect is instructed to advise a group of non-UK-based financial planning organisations on new potential risk management strategies.

Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Prospect is instructed to represent a local authority in a claim for misfeasance in public office by enforcement and legal officers.


Prospect secures UK Government support for its sustainability advisory project work in the MENA Region.

Corporate and Commercial Law

Prospect is instructed by a North American based corporate to advise on UK company rules regarding the Registration of Overseas Entities (ROE).

Environmental Law

Prospect is instructed to present an update on Environmental Law and Regulation to the Waste Facilities Audit Association (WFAA) Spring Seminar.

Nuclear Law

Prospect provides a quarterly nuclear specialist legislative review for a UK based radioactive waste management regulatory organisation.


The UK government’s deadline to decarbonize the power sector by 2035 is challenged as only around 55% of energy is being produced by zero/low carbon means. A National Audit Office report highlights the need for substantial modernization of the power system.


Prospect presents in the City of London on its ESG Audit service to a major US owned international insurance broking company.

Planning Law

Prospect is instructed to represent a planning authority at Wood Green Crown Court concerning a confiscation award under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.

Risk Mitigation and Risk Transfer

Prospect is instructed to advise a non-UK based group of commodities companies on the development of their mutual insurance arrangements.

Immigration Law

Prospect is instructed to advise on a priority sponsor licence and skilled worker visa applications.

Employment Law

Prospect is instructed to advise an outgoing employee on negotiations around exit and settlement terms.


Prospect is instructed to advise on a number of UK skilled worker visa applications.



Prospect is a multi-disciplinary practice with specialist expertise in the energy and environmental sectors with particular experience in the low carbon energy sector. The firm is made up of lawyers, engineers, insurance and risk management specialists, and finance experts.

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