November 2023

In the complex landscape of risk management, businesses often find themselves at a crossroads when considering insurance options. Two prominent choices emerge: discretionary mutuals and corporate insurance. Each avenue presents distinct advantages and disadvantages, necessitating a thorough understanding to make informed decisions tailored to organizational needs.

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Prospect is listed as a Band 4 leader for 2024 in the UK-wide – Energy & Natural Resources: Power for the Chambers & Partners directory.

Environmental Law

Prospect is instructed to advise on environmental and regulatory issues affecting a number of UK based industrial and commercial sites under a corporate takeover deal

Dispute Resolution and Immigration Law

Prospect is instructed in Judicial Review proceedings concerning the refusal of a UK visit visa.

Insight - Key Issues For Waste Management Organisation Consideration

What’s so difficult about dealing with radioactive waste?
The short answer is that scientifically and technologically it is very well understood, but the societal aspects are seemingly intractable at first sight, particularly with respect to the higher activity, more hazardous radioactive wastes – (almost) nobody wants it in their backyard! Even in the few countries which are near to implementing solutions for these difficult wastes, it has taken decades to get to that position, which has provided long-term careers for many of those involved, including the author of this article!

Nuclear and Commercial Law

Prospect is instructed to advise a nuclear supply chain contracting company on IP and commercial issues affecting its specialist services at a UK nuclear waste management site.

Commercial Law

Prospect is instructed to advise a UK company on technical and legal grid connection issues affecting the operation of a combined wind and solar power installation situated at an industrial facility in the UK.

Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Prospect issues a letter before action in relation to a claim for damages for fraud and concealment in a commercial dispute concerning the deliberate undervaluation of company share.

Insight - COP28 Nuclear Commitments For A Sustainable Future

COP28 has once again underscored the challenges in achieving consensus on energy system development. The debate revolves around either ‘phasing out fossil fuels’ or the ‘need for emission reduction.’ This economic tug-of-war involves fossil fuel producers, the demand for cost-effective energy from smaller nations, and the consumer’s deployment preferences.

Immigration Law

Prospect is instructed to advise on the making of a series of skilled worker visa application in the UK.

Agribusiness & Commercial Law

Prospect is instructed to provide commercial law and regulatory advice on a number of contractual issues affecting a UK based food processing and cooperative organisation


Prospect is instructed to represent Brent London Borough Council at Harrow Crown Court in.


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Risk Mitigation & Transfer

Prospect presents to a group of UK professional services companies concerning the potential for establishing a mutual management insurance organisation.

Insights - Shaping The Future Of Shipping

As the sails of COP28 unfurl in Dubai, a pivotal moment for the maritime industry takes centre stage. The journey that began with the Paris Agreement in 2015, addressing global climate action, has brought us to this critical juncture.
However, it’s surprising that shipping, a significant player in the emissions landscape, found no mention in the initial document.


Prospect appears for Camden London Borough Council at a hearing at Wood Green Crown Court into confiscation related matters under the provisions of the 2002 Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.