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Speaking on the first day of the International Nuclear Law Association congress in Abu Dhabi on 4 November 2018, Peri Lynne Johnson, Legal Adviser and Director at the IAEA Office of Legal Affairs, described some of the IAEA’s assistance to nuclear power programme developments in 144 countries.

She discussed developments since Fukushima in the application of the Convention on Nuclear Safety and the Joint Convention on Spent Fuel and Radioactive Waste Management, and the development of non-binding Codes of Conduct, including a new one published in 2018.

On nuclear liability, she referred to the ongoing work of the IAEA INLEX expert group, and for nuclear security, the IAEA’s work with the 39 state parties that had not yet joined the CPPNM Amendment.

For nuclear safeguards, she noted that 181 states were applying safeguards, and that 133 states have agreed to apply the Additional Protocol. However, as North Korea is amongst the states that have not signed up to these measures, there is still perhaps some way to go. With nuclear assistance, Ms Johnson noted that the IAEA reviewed about 20 states’ nuclear laws per year, and trained over 300 individuals in nuclear law.

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