Weare pleased to announce that we will be joining with US law firm K&L Gatesin a webinar addressing how Governments are approaching risk and regulationwhen it comes to the commercial production of energy from nuclear fusion (asdistinct from nuclear fission).

For nearly 100 years, scientists and engineers, as well as science fictionauthors and fans, have dreamt of harnessing fusion reactions to power oureconomy. Despite daunting technical challenges, fusion energy may become atechnically viable and economic energy source in the coming years, as anattractive carbon-free baseload alternative to conventional energy sources.

As the energy sector progresses towards commercial fusion, governmentalregulators around the world are considering how they should treat fusionfacilities. Two of the most active jurisdictions for commercial fusiondevelopment are the United States and the United Kingdom. Along with FireEnergy and Prospect Law, K&L Gates’ fusion energy team will provide anupdate on the regulatory approaches to fusion that the US and UK are taking,the prospects for differentiating regulations for future fusion facilities fromthose applicable to existing fission-powered nuclear plants and next steps indeveloping regulatory certainty for the emerging fusion power sectors in thesenations, as well as a section on risk and the management of risk throughinsurance.


The Webinar will be hosted on Thursday 1st October at 5pm BST.

If you are interested in attending, please click here to register or contact Adam Mikula on [email protected] if you have any questions or problems.

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