Prospect Law announces the launch of its ESG Audit service for 2022.

Planning Law

Prospect is instructed to appear in the High Court on behalf of a Local Planning Authority in relation to a statutory challenge against a PINS finding in an enforcement notice appeal affecting the unlawful mixed commercial and residential use of land near Wembley.

Employment Law

Prospect is instructed to advise on the potential impact of a recent employment law authority on holiday rights for occasional workers under the Working Time Regulations 1999.


Maritime Law: Senior Disputes Lawyer Reina Maria van Pallandt is the subject of a special interview by the Netherlands British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC).


Prospect Law’s international trade specialist Eric Jiang shares information on the Mandatory Registration of Overseas Entities and the new rules on overseas entities owning and selling property in the UK.

Immigration Law

Prospect is instructed to advise on applications for British citizenship under section 4C of the British Nationality Act.

Articles & Presentations

ESG: Prospect presents its ESG Audit 2022 to the Waste Facilities Audit Association.

Education & Training

Future course announcement in nuclear energy: Development of policies and strategies for radioactive waste and spent fuel management.

Corporate & Commercial Law

Prospect completes on the sale of a UK based globally operating infrastructure training company.


Environmental Law: Prospect receives extensive media coverage for the successful prosecution of a property developer for the unlawful destruction of TPO protected woodland at Scorey’s Copse in Hampshire.

Dispute Resolution

Prospect is instructed to appear for Brent London Borough Council at confiscation hearings under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 relating to the unlawful development and use of land at Harrow Road in North London.

Employment Law

Prospect is instructed to advise on an appropriate exit package for the CEO and founder of a UK company after its sale, including in relation to notice pay, and compensation, potential unfair dismissal and breach of dismissal process, and continuing use of company owned properties.

Articles and Presentations

Reina Van Pallandt discusses the benefits of wind energy or wind propulsion to meet the maritime industry’s ambitious climate goals. Our article for Wind Energy Network Magazine.

Immigration Law

Prospect is instructed to advise on late applications for pre-settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme on various grounds including on the basis of revocation of British citizenship.

Employment Law

Prospect is instructed to advise on an unfair dismissal and redundancy payment claim.

Environmental Law

Prospect appears for Eastleigh Borough Council at a sentencing hearing regarding an offence committed in relation to the clearance of TPO protected woodland at Scorey’s Copse in Hampshire under section 210 of the 1990 Town and Country Planning Act.