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Dr Peter Carter - Nuclear Security

Dr Peter Carter is the former Head of Nuclear Non-Proliferation in the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC). In this capacity he served as the alternate to the UK Governor to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Board, and led a small team covering, inter alia, nuclear safeguards policy, nuclear export control issues, Bilateral Nuclear Cooperation Agreements, and civil nuclear issues associated with the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). Dr Carter’s very early career was in defence-related research. Since then he has held a number of posts spanning the UK Ministry of Defence, Department of Trade and Industry, and the Cabinet Office, largely on policy work in science and technology and related international issues, including serving as the UK representative on the OECD’s Committee on Science and Technology Policy. He has also worked as a National Expert in the External Relations Directorate of the European Commission in Brussels on non-proliferation (the KEDO nuclear project concerning DPRK), returning in 2001 to become Deputy Director of the UK’s Foresight (futures) programme. Peter Carter holds a doctorate in plasma physics and an MBA from London University.

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Richard Craig - Market Entry Consulting

Richard Craig is a specialist in the Chinese energy sector. Having lived and worked in China since 2005, he has a developed a network of major players with in the Chinese oil and gas industries. His contacts extend to Chinese individuals, private, state and municipal companies. This also included investment and management of a joint venture project with Sinochem, from 2006 to 2009 providing services to taxi drivers in Beijing. Richard has also recently been involved in consulting and advising on the up stream sales and purchase of Mazut oil, JP54 and LNG. Richard has strong experience in advising on the Chinese aspects of such transactions. His consultative services are from initiation, to introduction and to completion and he can help navigate some of the common pit-falls faced by clients in the Chinese energy sector. He has provided transactional oversight on projects of approximately $30 million. Prior to Richard’s China experiences, he qualified and worked as a lawyer in the City of London. He graduated with a 2:1 in Politics from Newcastle University in 1998.

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Dr Mel Draper - Nuclear Security

Dr Mel Draper was the head of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Policy unit at the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) from 2003 – 2010 where his responsibilities included the monitoring and reporting of sensitive nuclear and chemicals materials to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). He was appointed a Commander of the British Empire (CBE) for his work on non-proliferation, and he holds a First Class Honours degree in nuclear engineering and thermodynamics from Liverpool University. During his time at DECC, Dr Draper advised on a wide range of technical nuclear and chemical issues, together with UK and international nuclear policy, and his work has led to him developing a highly influential role within the national and international nuclear community. His work included the following: acting as the UK contributor to the IAEA Expert panel on Multinational Approaches to the Nuclear Fuel Cycle (IAEA InfCirc/660) and the subsequent development of the Nuclear Fuel Assurance; A role as Deputy SRO for the UK’s Department for Industry (DTI) on the Cross-government SCOPE (secure IT) project, successfully delivering the project within the DTI; Ensuring that security issues surrounding the restructuring of Urenco were taken fully into account during preparation on share sale; Providing crucial technical expertise in negotiations with a Middle Easter state over their nuclear programme and at the NPT Review Conferences in 2005 and 2010; Influencing the IAEA major business-change and IT programme in their safeguards department (approximately €30M of which the UK contributes €2M); Using the UK contribution to the IAEA Nuclear Security Fund to lever considerable change in the programme; Streamlining the existing non-proliferations team and successfully merging the G8 Global Partnership team. Prior to his role at DECC he was a Director at the UK Department of Trade and Industry Nuclear Industries Directorate where he was responsible for the government oversight of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority including their expenditure on nuclear decommissioning (approximately £150M to £200M p.a.) and international participation in nuclear fusion research (approximately £15M p.a.). His team led in all policy development, the technical assessment of programmes and expenditure in these areas. An important aspect was to ensure that Ministers were kept fully briefed in this potentially contentious subject.

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Dr Jacqueline Faridani - Market Entry Consulting

Dr Jacqueline Faridani has recently joined Prospect Group as an advisor on Armenia and Iran . She was brought up in Tehran, leaving shortly after the Islamic Revolution in 1980. Jacqueline was educated in the UK and Canada, and was awarded a D.Phil. in particle physics in 1995 from the University of Oxford, as well as a Masters Degree in 1998 in Mathematical Finance from Waterloo University in Ontario. She has 15 years of international experience in the financial sector, specialising in risk management, product control and quantitative finance. She has worked for a number of major Canadian, German and French financial institutions including Toronto Dominion Securities and Manulife Financial in Toronto, and WestLB AG and BNP Paribas in London, as well as for the Canadian financial regulator, the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI). Prior to her work in the financial sector, Jacqueline worked as a physicist at the Rutherford Laboratory in Oxfordshire and also at the University of Toronto.  Jacqueline was appointed as an Assistant Professor in physics at Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania, and she has lectured extensively in applied and theoretical physics, including to the American Physical Society. Jacqueline Faridani is a native Armenian and Farsi speaker and has travelled extensively throughout Iran, Armenia and the wider Middle East.

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Richard Fearnall - Planning Consultancy

Richard Fearnall is a Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) with over 10 years experience working with and advising private, corporate and institutional clients on a broad range of property and renewable energy matters. Richard qualified in 2004 whilst practising with a leading national consultancy, and he went on to join one of the largest developers of onshore wind projects in the UK taking responsibility for project acquisition and driving the expansion of the development portfolio to include the full range of renewable technologies. Having successfully taken over 200 MW of renewable energy generation from feasibility and through the consenting stages to operation, Richard Fearnall has a detailed understanding of the risks and the many commercial factors influencing renewable energy projects. Richard has worked on a range of wind, solar, hydro, AD and biomass schemes alongside many partners and clients including International Power, GDF-Suez, Severn Trent, United Utilities, Hanson, UK Coal, the Forestry Commission and various local and national government organisations, as well as some of the largest private and institutional investors in the renewable energy industry.

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Michael Hay - Feasibility Studies

Michael Hay is a specialist energy project consultant at Prospect Law with a solid background covering the technical, regulatory and financial aspects of renewable energy projects around the UK. Michael has worked in the renewables sector since 2009 with organisations including OFGEM, a regional solar PV specialist (where he was the head of the commercial projects department), and at a national renewables firm where he was the technical manager (all technologies) for the UK. Michael has strong experience at all stages of the project life-cycle for renewable energy schemes. He is a specialist in the contracts (including PPAs, ESAs, development agreements, BEGAs etc) and the regulatory systems underpinning the energy market in the UK (including Contracts for Difference, the Renewables Obligation, the Feed-in Tariff, the Capacity Market and the Renewable Heat Incentive). He has a thorough understanding of the UK electricity market and the various regulations and subsidy regimes that underpin it. He has been responsible for client facing operations, for back-office technical functions (including overseeing the technical design of utility-scale solar installations), for project oversight of £1m+ projects, and for technical and project due diligence of energy projects for international banks and independent capital funds. Michael provides detailed advice on the feasibility of potential projects covering solar PV, solar Thermal, wind turbines of all sizes, hydro, biomass and anaerobic digestion.

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James Hoare - Feasibility Studies

James Hoare is an Engineering Council registered Chartered Engineer (Electrical, Energy & Energy Management) with 32 years experience in utility power systems engineering, of which the last 23 have been in renewable energy systems. He undertook a BSc Electrical Engineering Degree at The City University London, and an MBA at The Open University. He has worked for major energy organisations including CEGB (now National Grid), GEC (now Alsthom), ESB International, Parsons Brinkerhoff, and Solarcentury. He is a Consultant at Prospect Law. James was involved with the grid connection of the UK’s first commercial wind farm at Delabole in 1991, and has been extensively involved with solar PV, since 2000, including off grid, domestic, public sector, commercial and large scale projects. This knowledge covers feasibility, design, project management, O&M and verification and validation. James sits on a number of renewable energy technical advisory panels and is an associate for the BRE National Solar Centre. James holds additional technical expertise in Heat Pumps, Solar Thermal and Energy Management.

M: 07715 576 666

John Ireland - Market Entry Consulting

John Ireland is an internationally experienced energy specialist and senior business executive skilled in the development, negotiation, and management of businesses and technically complex contracts within both the Government and private sectors.  John, a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers, has been Chief Engineer advising clients on nuclear new build in Romania and investigating opportunities in Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Turkey, and Project Manager for the treatment and management of toxic and radio-toxic chemical wastes in the UK, Japan, and the EU. John has grown complex businesses in Asia and the Middle East, and assisted international organisations to develop business in and from the UK through joint ventures and partnerships. Additionally, his experience also includes fuel supply, transportation, and technical and project management expertise to decommissioning projects in the UK, South Korea and Lithuania. With professional knowledge of the non-nuclear generation market, project financing, and transmission networks John’s professional experience also includes inter-Government relations on nuclear issues, contract administration, contract arbitration, and nuclear and non-nuclear project licensing.  As past-Chair of the UK Government’s Nuclear Export Group and UK Government International Trade Adviser for the Energy Sector, John brings a significant understanding of the complex issues surrounding international trade and related business development.

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Ian Jackson - Market Entry Consulting

Ian Jackson is a nuclear consultant and author at Prospect Advisory with 30 years experience working in both the public and private nuclear sectors. Ian joined Prospect Advisory from the UK National Nuclear Laboratory where he was Head of International Business. Prior to that Ian was a nuclear regulator at the Environment Agency. Ian recently negotiated and secured funding for the £50 million UK-China nuclear Joint Research and Innovation Centre (JRIC) announced by British Chancellor George Osborne in 2015. Ian developed and negotiated China’s first-ever commercial nuclear contracts in the UK on Small Modular Reactor (SMR) design and research. Ian also negotiated additional contracts for virtualisation and computer simulation of Chinese nuclear reactor designs. Ian is a Fellow of the Society for Radiological Protection and a Chartered Radiation Protection Professional. Ian’s books and publications include “Nukenomics: The Commercialisation of Britain’s Nuclear Industry” (Nuclear Engineering International), “Nuclear Energy and Proliferation Risks: Myths and Realities in the Persian Gulf” (Chatham House), “Siting New Nuclear Power Stations: Availability and Options for Government” (UK Department of Trade and Industry) and “Effluent Release Options from Nuclear Installations: Technical Background and Regulatory Aspects” (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development).

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Mark Jenkins - Creation of Shared Value

Mark Jenkins advises clients on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), security and risk management issues affecting the viability of on and off-shore energy, mining and infrastructure sector projects in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Mark’s experience has been focussed on creating reliable community support for projects through the development of a Social License to Operate (SLO) based on effective CSR initiatives. The success of these initiatives has been based on a thorough understanding of local environmental, commercial, and cultural dynamics, especially Islamic ones. Previous projects have included the development of a SLO among local Bedouin tribesmen for a major construction industry client in a remote part of the Sinai Desert; organising security plans for a Brazilian construction company operating on the northern borders of Mozambique; advising an Austrian oil and gas company attempting to recover its SLO among disaffected Romanian communities; and developing initiatives on behalf of a senior member of the Jordanian royal family that are designed to support Jordan’s traditional tribal communities. Mark Jenkins studied theology at King’s College in London, was commissioned as a regular officer in the British Army and served with the Welsh Guards in Central America, Central Asia and Africa as well as on the staff of Field Marshal Lord Guthrie, and regularly teaches Islamic and environmental business ethics to university level in the UK.

M: 07779 591 114

Chris Kaye - Nuclear Decommissioning Liabilities

Chris Kaye is a nuclear specialist and senior commercial executive with over 40 years experience in negotiating, managing, and assuring the performance of multi-billion pound strategically and technically complex contracts, to Board and Ministerial level, within Government and private sectors. From 2006 and prior to joining Prospect Group in 2017 Chris was a function head of a major UK Non-Departmental Public Body. There he was responsible for assurance and oversight of all the UK private sector nuclear operators’ decommissioning strategies, plans and costings on behalf of the UK Government where a third party or the taxpayer has an interest in funding and risk. This work was directed at the UK’s most modern nuclear power station fleet and associated spent fuel liabilities, with a total value of almost £20bn.  Chris has also advised the UK’s Department of Energy on their development of the liabilities funding framework for the UK’s new nuclear build programme, and subsequently led the assurance on behalf of that department of all three of the UK’s new nuclear power plants’ decommissioning plans and cost estimates in order to support the Government’s decision on whether or not to approve this first of a kind development. Prior to this Chris worked in a variety of roles in the private energy and consulting sectors for UK, Swedish, Canadian, Asian, and Swiss clients, including waste management, strategic procurement, supply chain partnering, contract negotiation and management. For 12 years he led the negotiation and management of all the contracts for the supply of uranium, new fuel, and spent fuel management services for the UK’s private sector nuclear fleet. Chris has been a ‘high risk projects’ reviewer for the UK Cabinet Office Infrastructure and Projects Authority involving major government infrastructure schemes, and is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply

John Mathieson - Nuclear

John Mathieson is a non legal technical advisor on nuclear energy related issues in a number of key international markets. He has some 36 years’ experience in the nuclear industry, primarily involving the areas of radioactive waste management and decommissioning. John works with the International Atomic Energy Agency and the European Commission, participating in expert missions, technical meetings and working groups. He has worked on projects assisting many overseas governments to develop financing, decommissioning and radioactive waste management strategies and infrastructures. John Mathieson has a BSc (Hons) in Physics and an MSc in Radiation and Environmental Protection from the University of Surrey. He is a Member of the Society for Radiological Protection, a Member of the American Nuclear Society, and is a Board Director and Secretary of Waste Management Symposia Inc. which runs the annual Waste Management conference in Phoenix, USA.

M: 07557 394 896

Adam Mikula - Company Secretarial

Adam Mikula graduated from Nottingham Law School in 2015 and completed the Legal Practice Course, the final vocational stage for becoming a solicitor in England and Wales, in 2018.
Adam’s work at Prospect Law has involved helping a senior solicitor to progress a range of issues affecting the entry of a Fortune 500 corporation into the UK nuclear market. He has been involved in drafting and filing company resolutions, amending articles of association, completing Companies House forms and maintaining statutory books for nuclear, renewable and other energy and non-energy related companies.

Adam also assists in all stages of litigation and regulatory challenges for energy and infrastructure clients by preparing trial bundles, amending witness statements, issuing proceedings at court and serving pleadings on opposing solicitors, as well as carrying out legal or industry specific research.

T: 07572 592 152

Peter Storey - Nuclear Regulatory

Peter Storey, a Consultant at Prospect Law, is an internationally respected expert in Nuclear Regulatory issues and Professor in Nuclear Policy and Regulation at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan). He was educated at the University College of Swansea and was awarded a PhD in physical chemistry. He joined the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in 1975 where he enjoyed a full career retiring in 2010. During his time at HSE he was seconded to the European Commission where he developed a research programme on Major Accident Hazards to support the Seveso Directive. For the second half of his career he joined the Nuclear Safety Directorate (now ONR) as Director of Nuclear Safety Research. He took on a number of additional roles as Head of Radiation Protection, Head of Communications and Director of Strategy. Peter Storey served on many international committees in the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency and IAEA and was Chairman of the EC’s Fission Safety Committee for 7 years. On retirement from the HSE, Peter was recruited to the Dalton Nuclear Institute at The University of Manchester where he developed new nuclear training programmes and undertook research into the nuclear supply chain, Generation IV reactors, Nuclear Security and Nuclear Safety Culture. At UCLan Peter Storey lectures on a range of nuclear energy policy issues and has recently worked with the Lancashire Law School to develop an LLM in Energy and a Postgraduate Certificate in Nuclear Law.

M: 07814 920 413

Mark Tetley - Insurance and Risk

Mark Tetley has wide experience gained from senior positions across the London insurance market as  both an underwriter  and a broker , in a variety of sectors. He provides advice and assistance on a wide range of insurance and risk issues, including comprehensive nuclear liability and property insurance assistance, complex infrastructure project programme design and review, claims and policy reviews, assistance with project insurance design and implementation in developing countries, and many other aspects of risk mitigation. Mark served as the Managing Director of the Power, Nuclear & Construction division at Lloyd’s insurance broker Price Forbes & Partners between 2014 and 2017. Prior to that he was Managing Director of Nuclear Risk Insurers Ltd (the UK nuclear insurance pool) from 2001 – 2014, and before that appointment was a Lloyd’s  underwriter for  the Nuclear Syndicate, for a political risk insurer and for a power generation insurer. He also held other underwriting positions at Lloyd’s and was a founding director of the Lloyd’s  business ventures in Japan and China. During his time at Nuclear Risk Insurers Ltd, Mark  assisted the UK Government with the nuclear insurance aspects of the changes to the statutory nuclear liability legislation required because of the 2004 Paris Convention revision. He has also worked extensively on the  development of  new nuclear insurance programmes for Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and China. This work entailed organising technical and legal suitability assessments, policy language development and, ultimately, placing and managing the insurances for these nuclear sites in the international insurance market. Mark  is a member of the International Nuclear Law Association (INLA), has served as an Expert-Representative of the international nuclear insurance industry at the Nuclear Law Committee of OECD’s Nuclear Energy Agency in Paris, and he continues to serve as a lecturer at both the International School of Nuclear Law and the International Nuclear Law Essentials course. Mark is also involved in various UK renewable energy projects.

M: 07976 847 737

Paul Touloumbadjian - Investor Due Diligence

Paul Touloumbadjian is a Middle East affairs specialist at Prospect Advisory with 35 years’ experience in Corporate Finance and Asset Management in that region. He holds a B.A. & M.A. in Engineering, Economics and Management from Oxford University. Paul acquired his experience at Citibank over 20 years assuming varied responsibilities in Riyadh and London including participating in financing nuclear and conventional energy and other infrastructure projects in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. He then briefly headed Private Banking for Ahli Untied Bank in Bahrain before joining Wellington Management to cover its institutional business development in the Middle East for 5 years. He was subsequently invited by JP Morgan Private Bank to set up its Islamic Products platform before joining a prominent Jeddah based family office to help organize and implement its global wealth management strategy. Paul developed particular expertise in structuring investment and financing transactions compliant with Islamic principles. He has also established over the years relationships with and access to most privately and government held institutions in Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf countries.

M: 07900 050 426

Mark Vickers - Investor Due Diligence

Mark is an experienced public and private sector complex risk consultant, with a focus on financing projects in energy and infrastructure. He was Director of Project Finance for NuGen’s planned 3.8GW new nuclear plant in Cumbria in the UK and is a director of a new energy start up technologies platform. Mark was previously a commerical & investment risk advisor at The Crown Estate, focused on new marine energy technology investments in UK waters, such as wave & tidal power, floating wind turbines and offshore transmission grids. He is also an officer in the RNR, having served on a range of maritime security operations and exercises. With qualifications in law, accounting, finance and risk, Mark has worked in a range of major banks, private equity funds, corporates and professional advisory firms.

M: 07714 708 701

Dominic Whittome - Feasibility Studies

Dominic Whittome is an economist, and graduated with BA and MA degree qualifications from Exeter University. He has 25 years of commercial experience in oil & gas exploration, power generation, business development and supply & trading. Dominic has served as an analyst, contract negotiator and Head of Trading with four energy majors (Statoil, Mobil, ENI and EDF), first joining the industry in 1990. His tasks included the start up and management of UK and European trading activities and handling arbitration & expert determination cases relating to terminated long-term contracts. As a consultant, Dominic Whittome has advised government clients (including the UK Treasury, Met Office and Consumer Focus) and various private entities on a range of energy origination, strategy and trading issues. Recent assignments have included advising on UK market entry and regulation, and the optimisation of renewable energy assets through storage and direct access to trading markets. Dominic has established a network of government and industry contacts across the oil and gas sector, and he also assists British manufacturers as the elected representative of the Energy Intensive Users Group on the Nord Pool power exchange.

M: 07812 424 618