John, a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers, has been Chief Engineer advising clients on nuclear new build in Romania and investigating opportunities in Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Turkey, and Project Manager for the treatment and management of toxic and radio-toxic chemical wastes in the UK, Japan, and the EU. John has grown complex businesses in Asia and the Middle East, and assisted international organisations to develop business in and from the UK through joint ventures and partnerships. Additionally, his experience also includes fuel supply, transportation, and technical and project management expertise to decommissioning projects in the UK, South Korea and Lithuania. With professional knowledge of the non-nuclear generation market, project financing, and transmission networks John’s professional experience also includes inter-Government relations on nuclear issues, contract administration, contract arbitration, and nuclear and non-nuclear project licensing.

As past-Chair of the UK Government’s Nuclear Export Group and UK Government International Trade Adviser for the Energy Sector, John brings a significant understanding of the complex issues surrounding international trade and related business development.

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