He has advised on the contractual arrangements for a large number of UK and international infrastructure projects and in a wide range of industry sectors.

For the past 10 years, Rupert has provided specialist advisory services to the nuclear energy and decommissioning industries on nuclear law and licensing, supply, service and outsourcing contracts and environmental and waste regulation. Rupert has also provided training on legal, regulatory and policy issues for the nuclear energy and related industries both nationally and internationally. He took a leading role in the privatisation of the decommissioning of the UK civil nuclear legacy and has worked with successful consortia including UK Nuclear Waste Management, the owners of Low Level Waste Repository Limited, Nuclear Management Partners, the owners of Sellafield Limited, and the Cavendish Dounreay Partnership.

He has continued to work with and advise each of the Site Licence companies. Rupert has worked in various countries on nuclear projects for the developer vendor and has drafted for and provided ongoing guidance to those creating or revising national legal regulatory frameworks. He is recognised as a leading expert in international nuclear law and regulation; he lectures on a frequent basis around the world and has published papers on various aspects of nuclear regulation, particularly nuclear waste strategies. He has provided consultancy advice on all aspects of nuclear law and regulation, including: legal/regulatory frameworks; international nuclear law and regulation; global nuclear safety regimes; EU and EURATOM; licensing, oversight, and enforcement with a special focus on the licensing of new nuclear power plants; security, safeguards and export control; nuclear third party liability; nuclear waste and decommissioning; the regulatory aspects of JV’s, mergers and acquisitions; and the regulation of contracts with vendors and suppliers.

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