Principles and costing radioactive waste and spent fuel management.

This workshop will examine the basic principles of costing long-term liabilities such that adequate financing will be available to deal with them as and when required. The liabilities in question are spent fuel storage, decommissioning and near surface and geological disposal.

The workshop will consider the various cost estimation methods and factors affecting costs in developing lifetime plans. It will then go on to describe the basic principles of funding schemes, including contribution mechanisms, trust funds and investment strategies; the importance of decommissioning plans for new-build will be emphasised. Examples of funding mechanisms from various countries will be provided.

The learning objectives for this workshop are: to understand the basic principles of costing long-term liabilities and developing a lifetime plan, and to understand the basic principles of providing for these liabilities as they arise.

The course covers


  • International obligations for providing adequate financial resources
  • National requirements for providing for long-term liabilities


  • General principles of costing
  • Cost estimation guidance
    • Spent fuel storage
    • Decommissioning costing
      • ISDC and other guidance on costing
      • Decommissioning plans & principles
      • Initial decommissioning plan
  • Geological disposal
  • Benchmarking

Funding schemes

  • Fund contribution mechanisms & issues
  • General principles
  • Trust fund(s)
  • One fund or two?
  • Fund governance
  • Investment strategies

Course review and general discussion

Who would benefit from attending the workshop?

The training is designed for civil-servants, regulators, executives and managers within nuclear operators, government, NEPIOs and regulatory bodies in countries considering or are in the early stages of establishing nuclear energy as a component of their national energy strategy.

Lead Trainer: John Mathieson

John has over 45 years’ experience in the nuclear industry, primarily involving the areas of radioactive waste management and decommissioning. John worked with the International Atomic Energy Agency and the European Commission, participating in expert missions, technical meetings and working groups. He has worked on projects assisting many overseas governments to develop financing, decommissioning and radioactive waste management strategies and infrastructures. He is a Member of the Society for Radiological Protection and is a Board Director and Secretary of Waste Management Symposia Inc. which runs the annual Waste Management conference in Phoenix, USA.

How is the workshop delivered?

The workshop is delivered in a ‘classroom’ environment at the client’s site. The agenda and structure of the workshops will be tailored as appropriate to specific requirements of the client utilising IAEA and NEA guidance, and international best practice.

The normal duration of the training is one day, but this may be subject to change depending upon the client’s requirements. The specific scheduling, training delivery, and facilitation arrangements will be incorporated into the tailored programme development to ensure effective and timely delivery of the training.

If you would like to discuss the training options and your specific requirements, please contact Ben Robinson at [email protected] or +44 7869 30743

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