Prospect Law Appoints Rory Tait as New Head of Renewables

Prospect has been a leader in renewables since it was incorporated in 2010 and is the only multi-disciplinary practice in the sector that brings together lawyers, economists, technical, regulatory and insurance specialists serving clients from across the world.

Prospect Law welcomes the appointment of Rory Tait to head up the firm’s renewable energy work.

With net-zero now a major boardroom item for all corporations it feels the right time for Prospect to further cement its position in the market with Rory’s appointment.

Edward de la Billiere, Founder Director, Prospect Law, said: “This marks the next and obvious step for us, pushing the growth of the firm in a direction that will meet the increasing demands of clients. Rory’s experience in the renewables sector, and as Secretary for the Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology (REA), will give us an even stronger position as market leaders in the sector. It will enable us to keep our eye firmly on renewables policy, regulation and market trends as they develop, all for the better of our clients.”

Rory said: “After many years advising clients in private practice I am delighted to join Prospect Law as a non-practising solicitor and bring to bear the benefit of my years of experience in the renewables sector. Renewable Energy is now such an important issue for company directors alongside reaching net-zero and sustainability. I look forward to helping Prospect Law further develop its expertise and undoubted position as a market leader in the sector.”

For more information please contact Adam Mikula on or visit the link to Rory’s profile here.



Prospect is a multi-disciplinary practice with specialist expertise in the energy and environmental sectors with particular experience in the low carbon energy sector. The firm is made up of lawyers, engineers, insurance and risk management specialists, and finance experts.

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