The Prospect Law ESG Audit provides clients with a rigorous and objective analysis of their current ESG credentials. The Audit has been designed to identify the steps our clients can take to make improvements in ESG compliance.

Key Audit Objectives

The Prospect Law ESG Audit has been designed to help clients demonstrate to investors and employees, as well as to the media, regulators, and the public that:

Key Audit Objectives

Prospect Law has developed multiple audits to cater to the specific needs of different industries and sizes of companies, ensuring that businesses of all types can benefit from our ESG services. Here are some of the audits we offer:

How the Audit Works

The Prospect Law ESG Audit:

Confidentiality and Privacy

All information provided to Prospect Law in the ESG Audit remains confidential:

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ESG Audit Scores, Certification and Related Advice

Clients using the ESG Audit service will be provided with:

Education & Training Services

Our bespoke ESG training courses are delivered by Prospect Law’s team of specialist legal and technical advisors. ESG training courses are designed to help management and employees to identify and understand ESG risks and metrics.

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