The ‘Green Recovery’ to Covid-19 and the Role of Nuclear Energy

Where does nuclear fit into the climate crisis and the proposed Green Recovery to Covid-19?

The Green Recovery is relevant to all sectors because two factors come together, first the climate crisis with over 418 PPM CO2, and all Paris Agreement signatories due to submit revised and more ambitious nationally determined contributions (NDCs) in 2020, and secondly Covid-19 with the devastation of economies and trillions of dollars due to be spent in recovery plans.

The choice is, does the world proceed as before heading towards over 3°C of global warming, plus air pollution and the other side effects of older energy policies? Or do we try to make some of the trillions in the Covid-19 recovery address the climate as well?

Countries may choose the former, if they just rebuild coal fired power and ignore the effects of air pollution. But there is a big move also towards the latter view, seen for example in the EU Green Deal and Wednesday’s EU recovery plans.

Nuclear will have to make its own case about where it fits in, and perhaps is sharpening its pencil to do just that.

For a discussion on the Green Recovery and the response to Covid-19, please see the attached flyer for our upcoming webinar on the issue.

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