Advanced nuclear technologies and SMRs: Routes to commercial deployment, Part one

Key considerations for regulation and licensing; radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel management; decommissioning; liability and insurance.

Advanced Nuclear Technologies (ANTs) and Small Modular Reactor (SMR) designs are transforming the energy landscape. They have also expanded the range of organisations and individuals that are now considering these technologies and have immense potential to affect future energy markets.

However, the long-term nature of investment and deployment decisions relating to nuclear energy have always been complex. Understanding how ANTs will impact those decisions can be difficult and goes beyond evaluating the technical merits of competing technologies.

This two-part programme of courses aims to help you navigate some of the key factors that will affect the specific pathways to commercial deployment for ANTs. Prospect Law’s nuclear energy specialists will clarify key issues and identify their implications for investment decisions, operators, landowners, local authorities, energy users and supply chains.


The part one course covers:

Advanced nuclear technologies overview

Regulatory and licensing considerations

Radioactive waste management


Liability, insurance and risk

Course review and discussion

Teaching method

Online – 4 hours with materials included.

This course can also be customised or provided in-house, via classroom delivery, for individual companies to meet specific requirements and learning objectives.

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