Graduate training programme: ESG principles and applications

Our modular training programme for graduate and new employee development.

Programme Overview

The scope, role, and importance of ESG has increased continually over the last decade. For new employees and graduates embarking on careers in today’s economy, a functional understanding of the evolving role of ESG, its impacts, key drivers and emerging trends has become an essential knowledge requirement.

This modular training programme has been specifically designed to develop the knowledge and understanding of ESG that employees will need as they begin new careers.

Prospect Law’s multi-disciplinary team of legal, regulatory, commercial, and technical specialists bring unique insights and experience from across the ESG landscape and provide objective perspectives on current and future developments in regulations, ESG frameworks, ESG ratings, policy, strategy, disclosures and reporting.

Core Modules

The programme consists of four core modules:

  1. ESG core concepts, drivers, and key impacts
  2. Environmental factors and impacts
  3. Social factors and impacts
  4. Governance factors and impacts
Additional Modules
Options for further training can be accommodated through additional, follow-on ESG courses or the development of customised modules where required.

Programme Aims and Objectives

This programme, and the expertise underpinning it, provides organisations with a highly effective training solution. It offers a defined route to develop the core knowledge requirements that new and existing employees need to establish in an increasingly important strategic discipline.

The aim of the programme is to equip employees with a knowledge of the ESG landscape and key concepts that will help underpin the wider development objectives of their in-house training programmes and ongoing career development.

The programme is also designed to regularly prompt delegates to evaluate and consider the ways in which the topics and key issues could impact their future roles and the strategic and operational objectives of the business as a whole in the medium and long term.

Key Learning Objectives

In-house training programmes

The training modules can be delivered as an in-house programme for individual organisations.

The scheduling, sequence and delivery of in-house programmes is flexible and can be co-ordinated to fit with the client’s existing graduate schemes and other internal development programmes.

In-house programmes offer some flexibility and an option to customise the core modules if required and supplementary modules can also be developed to support key strategic objectives or meet the specific knowledge and training requirements of the audience.

Further Information And Booking
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