We provide a broad range of strategic risk transfer and insurance advice for corporates and communities.

We provide comprehensive advice and assistance in the following areas:

1. Risk Transfer Program Design and Review:
  • We specialise in designing and reviewing risk transfer programs tailored to your specific needs.
  • Our expertise covers the integration and utilisation of:
    • Fully authorised and regulated insurance mutuals
    • Discretionary mutuals
    • Captives
    • Insurance
    • Reinsurance.
2. Integration of Discretionary Mutuals:
3. Creation of Mutuals for Communities and Associations:
4. Creation of Mutuals for Corporates:

Advantages of Mutuals

Mutuals offer significant advantages to their members:

1. Ownership and Control:
2. Governance and Tax Benefits:

Discretionary mutuals offer distinct advantages:

Advantages of Discretionary Mutuals

1. Classification and Regulation:
2. Flexibility and Domicile:

Types of Mutual Structures

There are three primary mutual structures:

1. Fully Discretionary Mutuals:
2. Hybrid Mutuals:
3. Fully Authorised and Regulated Mutuals:

Expertise and Mutual Management

Designing, building, launching, and operating mutuals require specialised expertise. The typical aim of a mutual is to retain and handle all of the ‘expected’ claims.

Each mutual requires access to the same range of skill sets as that of a small insurer. Typically this is attained through either:

1. In-house Management:
2. Outsourced Mutual Management:

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