We provide a broad range of strategic risk management and insurance advice for corporates and communities.

At Prospect, we take pride in being at the forefront of the renewable energy and many other sectors, providing expert guidance and legal support for projects involving both established and emerging technologies.

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Why Choose Prospect for Risk Management?

Expertise in Renewable Energy: With a leading reputation in the renewable energy sector, we have a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that arise in this dynamic industry.

Holistic Approach: Our team of experienced professionals offers a holistic approach to risk management, addressing the diverse elements of your project, including risk assessments, and financial modelling.

Tailored Solutions: We recognise that each project is unique. That’s why we craft customised risk management solutions to suit the specific needs and goals of your venture.

Our Risk Management services:

Identifying and mitigating potential risks are vital components of any successful endeavour. Our Risk Management services provide comprehensive solutions to evaluate, mitigate, and monitor risks, keeping your project on track and within regulatory compliance.

Services include:

1. Specialist Expertise for Renewable and Nuclear Energy Sectors

  • Advising on effective insurance and risk management strategies tailored to the unique challenges of renewable and nuclear energy projects, mitigating risks associated with clean energy initiatives.

2. Comprehensive Insurance Review and Development:

  • Conducting in-depth insurance reviews for larger global risks, ensuring appropriate coverage and risk mitigation measures, covering types of risks specific to green energy projects.
  • Developing and reviewing energy project liability and property insurance programs, aligning with national legislation and nuclear regulatory frameworks.

3. Risk Mitigation for Developing Countries:

  • Providing expert advice on risk mitigation for energy and power projects in developing countries that covers various exposures including political, project finance, terrorism, construction and operational risks.

4. Claim Management and Broker Assistance:

  • Assisting with complex claim reviews, ensuring fair and timely settlements.
  • Providing support in dealings with insurance brokers and underwriters to optimise insurance arrangements, mitigating risks related to insurance coverage and claim management.

Our Expert Team: Driving Success

Led by David Gudopp, an expert in multi-class mitigation and formerly of Regis Mutual Management in the UK, our team – featuring Mark Tetley, Senior Consultant, Insurance & Risk – excels in a diverse range of projects.

We have a proven track record in established and emerging technologies. Our expertise in risk management and financial modelling is derived from our team members having played pivotal roles in projects.

Such project include the establishment and/or running of mutuals and insurance pools in the renewables sector, the nuclear sector, and other sectors including UniMutual, the Fire and Rescue Indemnity Company, NEXUS Mutual (cryptocurrency) The Retail Mutual, Activity Industry Mutual, Livery Companies’ Mutual, CAMC caravan product and Employsure.

Mark Tetley brings rich experience from senior roles in the London insurance market, specialising in nuclear liability, property insurance, infrastructure projects, claims reviews, and risk mitigation in developing countries.

Formerly Managing Director at Lloyd’s broker Price Forbes & Partners and Nuclear Risk Insurers Ltd, Mark’s leadership extends to founding director roles in Lloyd’s ventures in Japan and China.

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