Alice Mutch

Alice Mutch is a seasoned Communications and Marketing Manager with over six years of experience and a first-class honours degree. She leads Prospect's marketing campaigns and press releases, while also managing the operations and surveys of the ESG Audit, showcasing its benefits to clients.

Alice Mutch brings over six years of experience as a Communications and Marketing Manager, focusing on promoting sustainable practices within the renewable energy sector. With a first-class honors degree and a passion for renewable energy, Alice leads Prospect’s marketing campaigns and effective communication strategies. Her expertise in marketing and communications, coupled with her understanding of the renewable energy landscape, allows her to drive impactful campaigns that highlight the firm’s commitment to their clients and sustainability.

In addition to her marketing responsibilities, Alice plays a pivotal role in managing the operations and audits of the ESG Audit at Prospect Law. She is actively involved in showcasing the benefits of the ESG Audit to new clients, assisting them with inquiries, and ensuring the smooth operation of the audit process.


Alice Mutch

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