Ben Ticehurst

Head of Local Government Services
Ben Ticehurst is a highly experienced interim executive and turnaround specialist with 40 years of work in and with local government organizations. He leads the development of Prospect's new services for local authorities, including confidential governance and ESG Audit projects, and offers valuable insights into risk mitigation for local authority commercial ventures.

Ben Ticehurst has worked in and with local government organisations for 40 years and is a highly experienced interim executive and turnaround specialist. He is leading the development of Prospect’s new range of services for local authorities, including confidential governance and ESG Audit and assurance projects which aim to provide councils with the insight and clear action steps they need to avoid the sorts of reputational problems that have affected so many in recent times. Ben also works within Prospect’s risk mitigation and risk transfer team on a number of projects across a range of sectors.

Ben started his career in local government as a community development worker in Oxford, where he became Assistant CEO. He subsequently took on a series of executive interim assignments, specialising in major change programmes. By way of example, Ben has worked closely with investment managers and city lawyers to design a highly successful public private partnership for the regeneration of a city centre site that had been considered ‘impossible’ for the past 35 years. The relationships Ben has formed within the local government sector, and the expertise he has gained helped him to establish the Local Government Mutual project in 2015 which became a partnership with the Local Government Association.

Ben’s insight into the risks and oversights that affect local authority commercial ventures is highly valued in the sector, and he is developing a unique shareholder representative service within Prospect that equips councils with the knowledge and skillsets needed confidently to oversee companies, partnerships and joint ventures through affordable packages that dovetail expertly into assurance frameworks and governance arrangements.

Ben is a non-executive director for a local authority trading company, a member of the Independent Monitoring Board for two prisons, and a trained dispute resolution mediator.


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Ben Ticehurst

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