Chris Kaye

Chris Kaye is a nuclear specialist and senior commercial executive with over 40 years experience in negotiating, managing, and assuring the performance of multi-billion pound strategically and technically complex contracts, to Board and Ministerial level, within Government and private sectors.

From 2006 and prior to joining Prospect Group in 2017 Chris was a function head of a major UK Non-Departmental Public Body. There he was responsible for assurance and oversight of all the UK private sector nuclear operators’ decommissioning strategies, plans and costings on behalf of the UK Government where a third party or the taxpayer has an interest in funding and risk. This work was directed at the UK’s most modern nuclear power station fleet and associated spent fuel liabilities, with a total value of almost £20bn.

Chris has also advised the UK’s Department of Energy on their development of the liabilities funding framework for the UK’s new nuclear build programme, and subsequently led the assurance on behalf of that department of all three of the UK’s new nuclear power plants’ decommissioning plans and cost estimates in order to support the Government’s decision on whether or not to approve this first of a kind development.

Prior to this Chris worked in a variety of roles in the private energy and consulting sectors for UK, Swedish, Canadian, Asian, and Swiss clients, including waste management, strategic procurement, supply chain partnering, contract negotiation and management. For 12 years he led the negotiation and management of all the contracts for the supply of uranium, new fuel, and spent fuel management services for the UK’s private sector nuclear fleet.

Chris has been a ‘high risk projects’ reviewer for the UK Cabinet Office Infrastructure and Projects Authority involving major government infrastructure schemes, and is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply


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Chris Kaye

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