Camden Council Secures Record Fine Against Landlord

Camden Council’s recent success in prosecuting two landlords for non-compliance with a planning enforcement notice underscores the importance of upholding housing standards. This blog explores the case background and its implications for landlords and tenants alike. Edmund Robb from Prospect Law represented Camden London Borough Council in this case.

Case Background:

In 2010, Camden Council issued a planning enforcement notice against substandard flats. Despite warnings, landlords Joel Salem and Judith Robinson-Dadoun failed to comply, housing residents in unsatisfactory conditions in breach of development plan policies.

Court Verdict:

On 28th February 2024, the Court imposed a £350,000 fine and full costs of £247,011.64 on the landlords. This landmark verdict sends a clear message to landlords: comply with planning regulations to provide safe, quality housing for residents.

Implications and Lessons:

This case highlights the council’s commitment to housing standards. It emphasises the consequences of non-compliance and the need for landlords to prioritize tenant well-being. Strict adherence to enforcement notices is essential to avoid legal repercussions.


Camden Council’s prosecution sets a precedent for accountability in housing. It reaffirms the council’s dedication to ensuring safe living conditions for all residents. Moving forward, strict enforcement of planning regulations will safeguard tenant rights and well-being. You can find more information on the long running case on the Camden Council website

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Edmund Robb

Edmund Robb is a barrister and co-founder of Prospect Law. He heads up the firm’s ESG and Dispute Resolution practices.

Edmund covers the environmental, planning and public law fields at Public Inquiries and at all levels in the Courts. Edmund’s case work has been reported widely, and he has been named as a Legal Expert in his field since 2006. Edmund has particular expertise advising corporate, local authority and private clients on energy, infrastructure and other development projects and in High Court judicial review and declaratory relief proceedings.

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