Maritime Law

Prospect exchanges Witness Statements in a claim at the London Court of International Arbitration between a MENA Region based supplier and an EU based commodities trading organisation

Planning Law

Prospect appears on behalf of Hackney London Borough Council at a hearing concerning an appeal against the service of an advertisement removal notice under section 225 A of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990

Commercial Law and Nuclear

Prospect is instructed to represent a radioactive waste storage and treatment organisation in respect of the extension of contractual terms for the provision of technical services

Dispute Resolution

Prospect is instructed to advise on a pricing dispute with a UK energy utility corporate

Employment Law

Prospect is instructed to advise on a range of employment law issues relating to a corporate takeover in the UK

Pharma and Dispute Resolution

Prospect is instructed to advise on IP and other issues surrounding the use of a medical product in the UK market

Immigration Law

Prospect is instructed to advise on the requirements for an application for a skilled worker visa and routes to settlement


Prospect is instructed to provide advice on the regulation of dairy contracts for a major UK based agribusiness organisation

Corporate & Commercial Law

Prospect is instructed to advise the Waste Facilities Audit Association (WFAA) on contractual issues affecting the terms of business for member organisations

Planning Law

Prospect is instructed to advise a local planning authority on the merits of pre application procedure involving the use of a series of hotels in London for the accommodation of asylum seekers and whether this use complies with the provisions of the Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987 (as amended)


Prospect posts an article on the future development of nuclear fusion technologies

Prospect is a multi-disciplinary practice with specialist expertise in the energy and environmental sectors with particular experience in the low carbon energy sector. The firm is made up of lawyers, engineers, insurance and risk management specialists, and finance experts.

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