A Green Recovery: Webinar on a Response to Covid-19 That Addresses the Climate Crisis

This morning we hosted a webinar that considered the rapidly emerging political consensus – amongst international bodies, national and sub-national governments, business, NGOs and academia – that the response to both the Covid-19 pandemic and the climate crisis should take the form of a “Green Recovery”. We looked at some of the implications of these trends for businesses, and the opportunities that they may represent.

Short talks were given by:

William Wilson – Senior Environmental Lawyer, with an overview of recent political developments pointing towards a Green Recovery, both internationally, and within the UK in the run up to COP 26.

Dr Richard Benwell – CEO of Wildlife & Countryside Link, on the economic and political case for a short-term fiscal stimulus, long-term structural reform, and domestic and international legal changes that would ensure we “grow back better”, with a green recovery focused on improving the natural environment.

If you are interested in attending a future Prospect Law webinar, please contact Adam Mikula on adm@prospectlaw.co.uk.