Dealing with disputes at work

Employment law

How to save time, stress and costs by knowing the processes that work.


Disputes at work can be costly and time consuming and can also have ongoing consequences that extend beyond the initial issue.

Preventative legal planning is critical for organisations who want to minimise risk arising from workplace disputes. Proactively managing and avoiding workplace conflict is important in preventing issues from escalating into disputes. From a legal perspective, it is key that organisations protect their position before it needs protecting.

This workshop provides practical guidance from a senior employment law specialist to help businesses to do that effectively. It explores the commercial application of the law, how it works on the ground and the factors that can prevent disagreements escalating into disputes when an employee complains. It examines the importance of effective policies and how to manage disputes when they do arise.

Bespoke Training Option

This course is delivered as an online webinar but, subject to requirements, can also be delivered as an in-house workshop for individual organisations at their own premises. We can also work with clients to customise the programme content to address key objectives or incorporate specific policies, processes, issues, case-studies, or follow-on training.


The course covers:

  • Initial contact; the test of personality and the game of chess
  • The importance of policies
  • The process in action and options for dealing with disgruntled employees
  • What to do when you lose control
  • Course review, Q & A, and group discussion

Who would benefit from attending this course?

The workshop is designed for HR teams and managers who are responsible for managing teams or could be involved in workplace dispute processes.

The practical insights provided will be immensely valuable to individuals who want to:

  • Deal with disagreements at the outset
  • Manage workplace disputes more effectively when they do arise
  • Understand how employment law applies to the process and how it can be used to minimise potential risk and protect your organisation’s position
  • Understand the impacts of processes and personalities in managing workplace disputes
  • Maximise the impact that effective systems for managing disputes can have on working relationships, morale, organisational culture, and business performance
  • Build a better relationship with staff and in turn improve business performance.


Philippa Wood is a senior solicitor with extensive experience advising on all areas of contentious and non-contentious employment law. Her clients include individuals and companies of all sizes from entrepreneurs to global brands.

Philippa also has wide-ranging business experience and was part of the start-up team of two national cable television companies. That commercial background underpins her practical approach to employment situations and the ‘applicable takeaways’ her training courses provide.

She has developed an expertise in negotiating settlements as favourably to the client as possible before the need for issuing proceedings arises, advises on the full range of employment issues and defending all types of discrimination and employment related claims.

Teaching method

Online – 3 workshops of 45 minutes each, over one week, with materials included, the third session being the Q&A.

This workshop can also be customised or provided in-house, via classroom delivery, for individual companies to meet specific requirements and learning objectives.
If you would like to discuss the possibility of arranging an in-house or customised course, please contact Ben Robinson at or (+44) (0)7869 307437


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