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In-house training

Many organisations report that knowledge gaps and lack of clarity around core principles are significantly increasing the challenge of integrating ESG fully into their organisation culture.

A key challenge arises when trying to align ESG policies and strategy across the entirety of the organisation. Effective implementation relies on bringing the entire organisation along on the process. Training can play a vital role in developing and disseminating the knowledge and core purpose required to underpin and instil the culture necessary for successful implementation.

Our in-house and bespoke ESG training courses provide in person, classroom delivery at your locations to assist you in that process. They provide flexibility in delivery format, duration, scheduling, groups, outputs, and locations. Based on our ESG fundamentals and core principles course, the programme can also be customised to meet your organisation’s training requirements, and incorporate specific policies, content, learning objectives, case studies or exercises.

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ESG has become an increasingly important issue for organisations as it attracts growing scrutiny from clients, investors, employees, stakeholders, government, and regulators.

The ESG fundamentals and core principles course aims to cut through the noise and jargon around ESG and provide a clear framework for understanding its core concepts, mechanisms, and impacts.

It explains key terminology, clearly defines what ESG is, its importance, and how it impacts your organisation. It focuses on how ESG principles can be applied to business’ operations and supply chains and examines the central issues for developing, embedding, and demonstrating an integrated ESG culture.

It helps delegates understand the impacts, benefits, and challenges that ESG presents in the context of how it affects their company and their own roles.

The course is also delivered as an ‘open course’ for individual delegates from multiple companies. Click here for further information and scheduling.

What you will learn

Over the two-day course we will cover:


The course covers:


Prospect Law’s ESG specialists bring unique insights and experience from across the ESG landscape and provide objective perspectives on current and future developments in regulations, legislation, ESG frameworks, ESG ratings, policy, strategy, disclosures, and reporting.


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