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The role and impact of ESG has transformed over the past decade and it has become increasingly important for organisations to demonstrate their ESG credentials.

However, many organisations struggle with a lack of clarity around ESG terminology, different frameworks, and what ESG actually entails in practice. This adds to the challenge of successfully integrating ESG throughout the culture of the organisation, an objective that is attracting growing scrutiny from clients, investors, employees, stakeholders, and regulators.


This course aims to cut through the noise and jargon and provides a clear framework for understanding the core concepts, mechanisms, and impacts of ESG.

It clearly defines what ESG is, its importance, and how it effects organisations. It focuses on how ESG principles can be applied to business’ operations and supply chains and examines the central issues for developing, integrating, and demonstrating compliant policies.

The course can also be delivered for individual companies as an in-house course or customised programme at the client’s site. Click here for further information.

What you will learn

Over the two-day course we will cover:

  • The impacts that ESG has for businesses
  • ESG terminology, key definitions, and core concepts
  • What constitutes the three pillars of ESG (environmental, social, and governance)
  • The ESG landscape, frameworks, reporting and regulation
  • The key issues for developing and demonstrating compliant policies
  • The benefits and challenges for integrating ESG within organisation culture
  • The impact and importance of ESG in relationships with investors, clients, stakeholders, employees, media, activists, and others
  • Future trends, key initiatives, legislation, and regulatory frameworks
  • The opportunities and risks that ESG presents for organisations


  • ESG Core Concepts
    • Introduction to ESG key terms and definitions
    • ESG landscape, key bodies, and frameworks
    • Evolution, history, and key milestones
    • Drivers: social, economic, environmental, market, organisational and governance
    • Benefits that good ESG practice can deliver for organisations
    • Challenges for organisations implementing and maintaining good ESG practice
    • ESG trends and their impact on organisations
    • Key ESG initiatives and their aims
    • Greenwashing
  • Environmental pillar factors
    • Key drivers; climate change, natural resource depletion, water, biodiversity, land use and marine resources
    • Business activities and environmental issues
    • Net zero
    • Regulation, legislation, national and international frameworks
    • Impacts for organisations and markets
  • Social pillar factors
    • Relationships between business practices and social issues
    • Key drivers and trends
    • Management systems, regulation, and legislation
    • Impacts for organisations and markets
  • Governance pillar factors
    • Evolution of corporate governance frameworks
    • Key drivers and trends
    • Governance systems, regulation, and legislation
    • Impacts for organisations and markets
    • Risks and opportunities for organisations
    • Key opportunities
    • Key risks and mitigation approaches
  • Course review and Q&A


Prospect Law’s ESG specialists bring unique insights and experience from across the ESG landscape and provide objective perspectives on current and future developments in regulations, legislation, ESG frameworks, ESG ratings, policy, strategy, disclosures, and reporting.

Teaching Method

This is an online course, delivered over two days, with learning materials included.

This course can also be customised or provided in-house, via classroom delivery, for individual companies to meet specific requirements and learning objectives.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of arranging an in-house or customised course, please contact Ben Robinson at or +(44)7869 307437


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