How to get value from farming business contracts

Far too many farmers sign up to contracts without reading the terms, meaning they often get a bad deal and poor value for their farming businesses. This two-hour workshop provides a real-world guide to understanding and getting better value out of farming business contracts.


The course will start with how contracts are “born” and go on to analyse the key terms and essential components of a contract, before reviewing other terms to watch out for – risks, liabilities, and other bear-traps. Concluding with a worked, contract review exercise, the course enables you to apply the learning to real-world scenarios and you will be given a highly effective, one-page checklist to help you undertake first glance reviews of future contracts.

Complete with practical tips and techniques from an expert in agri-business supply law, this course provides an invaluable framework to help you avoid potential pitfalls and get to grips with contracts for your farming business.


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The course covers:

  • Why contract terms matter for farming businesses
  • How a contract is formed
  • Key terms of a contract – the big five
  • Risks, liabilities, and boilerplate bear-traps
  • How to make use of your contract to get value for your farming business
  • Farming supply contract review exercise

Delegates will leave the course with a one-page checklist to help them undertake a first glance review any of contract.

Who would benefit from attending this course?

The practical insights and takeaways from the course will be immensely valuable to individuals who:

  • Enter into contracts for farming businesses
  • Want to understand how to seek better contract terms
  • Need to understand how to reduce the risk of being “stitched-up” with unfavourable contract terms
  • Want to get value for the farming business from contracts
  • Want to be able to give contracts effective first glance check overs

This course will also be of particular relevance to new or student farmers who are currently undertaking agriculture or business training.

Course Presenter

Nina Winter

Nina has a BA (Hons) Degree in Law (Oxon), is a Senior Solicitor and Arbitrator at Prospect Law and former Chief Legal Adviser, NFU.See Nina’s Profile


Tickets are limited and priced at £240 (inc. VAT) per delegate.

To book please complete the booking form – all courses are subject to our Terms and Conditions.

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