Nexus Mutual Collaborates with The Retail Mutual

Discover the mutual benefits of collaboration as members pool their requirements and work collaboratively in a mutual or co-operative. While these entities typically operate independently, the synergy created fosters mutual benefits for all involved.

We have seen participants in this sector cross-selling the products of others, either to plug a gap in their own offering or to simply broaden the offering available to their members.

Ideally, these products are provided by another mutual, ensuring continuity of the intrinsic mutual ethos, but in some instances, they are simply rebranded offerings from corporate insurers.

Nexus Mutual and The Retail Mutual

Recent developments have seen this going a step further, with crypto mutual (which several PLL staff helped to create) agreeing to provide discretionary excess and aggregate risk transfer support to

Nexus Mutual has accumulated capacity beyond its own needs, which it is seeking to deploy elsewhere within the mutual sector (given the inherent alignment of interests). 

The Retail Mutual previously purchased these excess layer and accumulation covers from within the corporate insurance environment.

It is good to see mutuals working together like this, where income and profitability are recycled and retained within the mutual and co-operative sector for the benefit of their respective membership bases.

Fostering Transparency and Fairness

The Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities recently expressed his concern at the “role of commissions in significant premium increases” and asked the FCA to “take immediate enforcement action against those brokers… that cannot demonstrate their commissions represent fair value”.

In doing so he has shone a light on “unfair practices” and “secret commissions”, and in this context and as a contrast the benefits of the direct relationship members typically have with their mutual.

Along with the transparency which comes through ownership and control, the case for mutuals has never been more relevant and compelling.

David Gudopp

As the Head of Risk Mitigation and Transfer in our Insurance, Mutuals and Risk Management division, David will bring over 20 years of experience to the table. David’s focus is on providing clients with an independent assessment of their risk transfer arrangements and driving targeted outcomes.

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