Education and Training

Our bespoke training, delivered by specialist advisors, will help the company’s management and employees identify and understand ESG risks and metrics, and raise awareness of relevant ESG compliance practices within the company. Click here for details on our training courses.

Policy Review

Comprehensive company policy reviews, addressing all three ESG pillars:

  • Environmental: greenhouse gas emissions, nature conservation and biodiversity, resource depletion, hazardous waste, air and water pollution, net-zero transition policy, avoidance of greenwashing
  • Social: anti-slavery & child labour, human resources policy including discrimination in the workplace, diversity & inclusion, health & safety, conflict & CSR, employee relations, community involvement & charitable activities
  • Governance: anti-money laundering, anti-bribery and anti-corruption, lobbying and donations, shareholder rights, transparent accounting, tax strategy, data protection & privacy, board composition, diversity and independence, executive compensation.

Strategic Overview

Advice on strategy development, governance and compliance:

  • Integration of ESG principles into the company’s business strategy
  • Alignment of ESG practices with regulatory frameworks
  • Identifying materiality (i.e. advising on the extent to which different aspects of ESG relate to the activities of a particular organisation and their subsidiaries)
  • Performing gap analyses
  • Identifying opportunities to improve ESG credentials
  • Advice on benchmarking and reporting guidelines (TCFD, GRI, SASB and others)
  • ESG due diligence and on-going monitoring of operations and investments.

Data and Privacy

We advise on ESG data collection and management by applying the London Stock Exchange’s seven characteristics of good data.


We help clients improve their ESG communications through implementing timely, accurate reporting for shareholders, investors and other stakeholders.

ESG Audits

We carry out annual or one-off ESG audits for presentation to investors, regulators and the media.

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